The Northwest Green Home Primer

by Kathleen O'Brien and Kathleen Smith

Everyone can make green home decisions on a budget with this inspiring, information-packed guide. Whether you are building, remodeling, buying, or just curious, here are real-world strategies for getting the greenest results from your budget, with hundreds of ideas for a home that is built to last, comfortable and healthy, money- and time-saving in the long term, and kind to the planet. What shade of green is right for you, your resources, schedule, and setting, and how can you achieve it? What questions should you ask? What approaches and resources are best for the Northwest? From your home's exterior to its operating systems within, from siting to interior design, this is the basic training that has given many the confidence to proceed.

Award-winning sustainable design and building consultant and teacher Kathleen O'Brien and architectural designer and sustainability consultant Kathleen Smith offer their "top picks" for each phase. Their perspective is both down-to-earth and cutting edge. They've also each faced their own green home challenges in a single family house and a duplex, and other case studies show affordable energy-efficient green homes both old and new. Brimming with ideas, clear and logical, with tips, checklists, and resources for green home planning, construction, remodeling, and maintenance, extensively illustrated with photos and diagrams, this is the essential green home manual for novice and professional alike.

Get a sneak peek! Read a case study from the book.

What People are Saying About the Primer...

"The Northwest Green Home Primer is the perfect blend of text, pictures, and graphics.  It is easy to read and one can glean information quickly on almost every page through the use of bullet points, tips, and charts.  It is packed full of region-specific information for build/design professionals, home owners, and renters who want to help create a socially just and environmentally sustainable future.  This unique green guide offers something for everyone including those just beginning the process and those who have already made lots of changes.  I believe it can help anyone confidently move forward in their journey to live a more eco-friendly life.  I intend to use it personally and professionally."

~ Gina Diamond, M.Ed.
Eco-Lifestyle Coach
Green Diamond Consulting






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